Rarest insect find

One of the rarest species of insects in the world has begun breeding at a zoo in Australia.
An egg laid by a female Lord Howe Island Stick Insect has hatched at Melbourne Zoo, nearly seven months after it was laid.
So little is known about the insect that entomologists did not know how long it would take for the baby to be born.
The species was only rediscovered in 2001, more than 80 years after it was believed to have become extinct.
The breeding pair at the zoo are the only adults of the species in captivity.
There are more than 100 eggs still incubating at the zoo.
‘Wiped out’

Lord Howe Island Stick Insects were believed to have been wiped out in 1918 when rats infested the island after they escaped from a ship which ran aground.
The insects belong to such an ancient group of invertebrates that they have earned the nickname “Jurassic Insects”.
Adults can grow up to 15cm long but were no match for the predatory rats.
In 2001, scientists discovered a tiny colony of the insects on Ball’s Pyramid, about 23km (14 miles) off the coast of Lord Howe Island.
The island is situated about 700km east of Australia.


Hi I am back with my first bug of the week. It’s a ladybird as you read in the title so I hope you are a ladybird fan. Here is a picture of a common ladybird. Common ladybird
Ladybirds are small bugs which have equal amount of spots on each side. Most ladybirds do not bypass 12 mm in length, no matter if round or oval-shaped. The delicate rear flight wings are protected by tough shiny elytra wings, wearing the specific ladybird pattern. Of the about 5,000 species of ladybirds, not all have red elytra with black dots. Some can be yellow or orange with black dots, others are black with red dots. There are also dotless ladybirds and some are stripped or with small squares like a chess table. Most ladybirds do not live more than one year. The adults hibernate in sheltered, dry places or under leaves in warmer places. When the wather is getting warm they awake and start flying searching for lice filled plants. After mating, the females lay a cluster of minute yellow eggs on the lower side of the leaves, close to a good lice reserve. The hatching larvae have three pairs of feet, eat plant lice continuously and grow between molts. After molting several times, the larva attaches to a plant and produces a pupa wrapping. From the pupa an adult gets out; at the beginning it is colorless but the pattern appears in just one day.
Ladybirds are avoided by the insect eaters as when threatened, they expel from the articulations a yellow liquid (children who touched a ladybird know this), foul scented and with a horrible taste. After experiencing this, birds or spiders will never approach a ladybird again. And the vivid colors have exactly this role: to remind of the nasty bite.

Some ladybirds proved harmful when introduced in foreign habitats. The Asian ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) co-exists peacefully with other ladybirds in its native northeastern Asia. Because it is a plant lice exterminator, it was introduced in Europe and North America. But here, it competes for food with the local species of ladybirds (and wins). When there’s no plant lice left, this species starts eating local ladybirds and other insects useful for the agriculture. Moreover, it also attacks ripe fruits and in autumn it invades houses to escape cold weather.
Here is another picture of a ladybird but this one is a poisonous ladybird. Poisonous ladybird

Buggy Blog

Hello peepz I have changed my blog to a bug blog so if you want loads of info all about bugs then this is the right blog for you. I will also be having a bug of the week post wich will have loads of facts about the bug and where it comes from etc.
See you soon 8)

Fun run!

Yesterday for gym we had to do a fun run. We had to run around a number 8 circuit for half an hour and I got 35 laps. It was quite tiring but I was fine afterwards. That’s all for today.
Bye bye
Jenna 8)

Ugliest pet in the world!

Hi guys I have found the worlds ugliest pet and believe it or not it’s a dog! Hope you find this ugly pet very amusing. Sam, unofficially the “Ugliest Dog Ever, from Santa Barbara, California brought increased fame and recognition to the Sonoma-Marin County Fair World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. With a long history, the contest was already very popular, but with the 3 consecutive wins (2003-2005) by Sam and his undeniable “ugliness” and unique characteristics the event has become more popular to the point where it is being covered on television and the Internet and has made owning an ugly dog cool.